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Private Pilot License

Aircraft Rental

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Ground School

FAA Certified Flight Simulator

Composite Repair Course


Currently, Taft Air has a Cessna 150 aircraft available for rental from Moton Field for flight-hour accumilation and recriation.

TAFT Air has licensed instructors (CFI's) who will train anticipating student pilots to get their Private Pilot Licence.

Currently, we are looking into purchasing a FAA certified Flight Simulator hardware and software unit for instrument rating. It will be based at Moton Field and we are considering a 50 mile touring radius.

We will perform our 100 hour and Annual inspections as required plus an enhanced Structural Inspection Program under the direction of our own FAA DER.

Aircraft Structures

Taft Air will begin a certified class on various aviation subject matter with Hands on Composites Repair course.  A three hour mini course is limited to eight students. Instructors are certified Engineers from Callahan Aircraft Services, LLC or Auburn with years of hands on experience.

Addionally, a three hour mini course will follow every other Saturday thereafter, including "Applied Engineering Concepts" as an advanced treatment in composite repairs.